for complex three-dimensional shapes
Forming process deep-drawing

Deep-drawing is a manufacturing process in which a cut to size even plate is placed and centered into a tooling. The blank is pressed on a blank holder by a top die which detains it at the outer edge.
The pressurized blank holder is displaced by the stronger impinged top die and pulls the sheet metal part over the chamfered edge into the top die, thus a hollow part arises. The bottom of the vessel keeps its original sheet´s thickness while the edge of the work piece is plastically deformed and, therefore, gets slightly thinner. In case the required depth of the bowl cannot be realized by a single deep-drawing process, it is possible to divide the entire process into several operations.

Processible materials:

  • stainless steels, e.g. 304 / 316 / ...
  • aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • steel sheets
  • heat-treatable steels
  • fine-grained steels
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • nickel and nickel alloys
  • tantalum, zircon, niobium




  • constant reproducible production quality
  • after approval short processing times
  • nearly constant wall thicknesses

Production possibilities:

  • deep-drawing parts up to 4500 x 2500 mm
  • draft depth up to 600 mm
  • press force up to 2500 t